Case Study:  Renovating Old Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

When it comes to home improvements, renovating old wardrobes with sliding doors  can significantly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your living space.  This case study highlights the project undertaken by Form Function Wardrobes, where an outdated, bulky wardrobe was transformed into a modern, space-efficient piece using sliding doors and upcycled materials.  Let’s explore how this transformation unfolded, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices and innovative design.

Client Background

Old Hinge Doors of an Outdated Wardrobe Before Renovation

A couple residing in a charming tropical home faced the challenge of an old, imposing wardrobe that dominated a small room.  They were after a solution that would modernise their space.

The Objective

The primary goal was to renovate the old wardrobe, making it more functional and less intrusive. The clients wanted to replace the old MDF shelving, which was fixed and caused a lot of dead space.  They were also concerned that the formaldehyde content might have a negative impact on their health.  They aimed for a fresher, cleaner look that would breathe new life into their bedroom.

Alternative Angle View of the New Wardrobe with Sliding Doors and Louvre Features

A Sustainable


Close Up View of Chewed Up Timber Louvre Blinds

A Sustainable


Close Up View of Chewed Up Timber Louvre Blinds
Detailed Image of Damaged Louvre Blinds Destined for Upcycling

During the initial consultation, as Carl discussed options for white sliding doors, an opportunity for up-cycling presented itself. The clients had timber louvre blinds that were damaged by their pet. Instead of discarding these blinds, Carl  proposed repurposing the louvres in the new wardrobe doors. This approach was well-received, as it aligned perfectly with the clients’ desire to minimise waste.

Innovative Storage with Elfa Shelving

Interior View of the New Built-in Wardrobe Showcasing Newly Installed Elfa Shelving

To tackle the storage inefficiency, we installed the Elfa shelving system within the new wardrobe framework. This choice was driven by our 30 year relationship with Elfa.  And its reputation for modular and adaptable storage solutions. The new system not only maximised the available storage space but also allowed the clients to customise their storage configuration as their needs changed, adding further value to their investment.

The Final Outcome

The transformation was remarkable. The once cumbersome wardrobe was now a sleek, modern storage solution that enhanced the room’s overall feel and functionality. The up-cycled louvre panels, integrated into the sliding doors, added a unique aesthetic appeal, while the Elfa shelving offered versatility and increased storage capacity.

Direct View of the Newly Renovated Wardrobe with Sliding Doors and Modern Design

Clients Reflections

Reflecting on the project, the clients were thrilled with the outcome. They commented, “The new sliding doors and shelving haven’t just modernised our room; they’ve transformed it into a more stylish and adaptable space. We love the increased storage and the sustainable approach that was taken.

Screenshot of the Quote with Mockup Design, Dimensions and Notes for the Owner


This case study from Form Function Wardrobes illustrates the transformative power of creativity and sustainability in home renovation. By renovating old wardrobes with sliding doors and embracing upcycling, we provide clients with not just a makeover, but a forward-thinking solution that respects both aesthetics and the environment.

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