Floating Timber Sliding

Cupboard Doors Gallery

Floating Timber Sliding

Cupboard Doors Gallery

Floating Timber Sliding Cupboard Doors

Floating Timber Sliding Cupboard Doors keeps things very simple by not introducing additional materials or colours into the room’s palette. An interior designers’ trick from way back.

We recommend one or two planks placed either horizontal or vertical into the sliding door.   This keeps the floors as the hero of the room whilst complementing the overall interior design.

Your wardrobe doors will match the floor and real savings can be made over solid timber, as Floating Floorboards come pre-finished. This saves us time and you money!

A win-win, and who doesn’t love that?


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Sizing Options

All our Sliding Doors are Made to Measure

Height:  Up to 2700mm

Width:  1200mm per Door

Timber & Panel


Choose any available timbers:

  • refurbished or recycled timbers, such as floorboards
  • stained to match your specifications


  • choose from glass, laminates, wallpaper, mesh, mini orb, bamboos.  
  • we will work with most flat surfaces to provide you with the result you are looking for.



Install & Delivery

Install and delivery

Install:  We can install your doors in Darwin/Humpty Doo or work with your preferred installer, cabinet maker or builder.

DIY:  Save Money & Install Yourself.  

Interstate:   We will work with your preferred Installer to ensure their are no hiccups.

Delivery:  We deliver Australia Wide.  Most of the time we can deliver to your door step or site.  

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