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Mondrian Inspired

Wardrobe Doors Gallery

Mondrian Inspired Wardrobe Doors

Elevating the Look of Wardrobe Doors with Mondrian’s Aesthetics

At the intersection of functionality and aesthetic brilliance, our Mondrian-inspired wardrobe doors are a captivating addition to any home. Drawing from the principles of draughtsmanship that Piet Mondrian championed, we craft sliding doors marked by clean lines and vibrant planes of colour. These creations are more than just wardrobe doors – they are a tribute to Mondrian’s creative genius and a testament to our commitment to delivering remarkable design solutions.

A Touch of Artistic Brilliance in Your Home

The Gallery above shows some of our Mondrian Sliding Door Designs including:  

Walk-In Robe Doors: Where Art Meets Function

Our Mondrian-inspired walk-in robe doors are perfect examples of how we integrate art into everyday spaces. The doors, featuring Mondrian’s trademark geometrical patterns, not only serve as an eye-catching focal point in your room but also offer practicality.

A Splash of Colour with Our Ventilated Doors

Taking inspiration from Mondrian’s use of bold colours, we designed ventilated doors with a unique twist. Our five-panel sliding wardrobe doors, detailed with purple and orange powder-coat perforated sheet metal, are a nod to Mondrian’s art while adding a modern touch to your interior design.

Transform Your Hallway with Mondrian-Inspired Sliding Doors

We extend the aesthetic appeal of Mondrian-inspired design to your hallway linen cupboards. These sliding doors are not just functional additions but also serve as artistic statements, adding a layer of sophistication to your hallway. 

Pastel Colours for a Soothing Ambience

For those seeking a softer tone, look no further than the Mondrian-inspired wardrobe doors in pastel colours. These doors, with their muted colours and geometric designs, are perfect for creating a calm, soothing environment while still incorporating a touch of artistic elegance.

Tailored to Your Specifications: Our Sizing and Material Options

We offer made-to-measure sliding doors that perfectly fit your space. With a maximum height of 2700mm and width of 1200mm per door, our wardrobe doors can be tailored to your exact specifications. Furthermore, we offer a wide array of materials, from custom paint finishes to a diverse range of panels such as glass, laminates, wallpaper, mesh and mini orb. We strive to work with any flat surface to deliver a result that aligns with your vision.

Delivering Custom Designs Nationwide

We offer custom-made Mondrian sliding doors delivered to your doorstep, wherever you may be in Australia. We have delivered personalised design solutions nationwide.

Flexible Install & Delivery Options

We offer a flexible range of installation and delivery options to meet the varying needs of our clients. Whether you want us to install your doors in Darwin or Humpty Doo, or you prefer to work with your own installer, cabinet maker, or builder, we can accommodate your needs. For those who prefer DIY, we provide the option for self-installation, allowing you to save money. For clients located interstate, we coordinate with your chosen installer to ensure a smooth process. We deliver Australia-wide, often directly to your doorstep or site, making the process as convenient as possible.

In Conclusion: A Perfect Blend of Art and Functionality

In each Mondrian-inspired wardrobe door we create, we infuse a blend of art and functionality, embodying the spirit of Mondrian’s draughtsmanship. Through our careful crafting process and wide range of customization options, we aim to bring a touch of artistic brilliance into your home. Whether you’re revamping your bedroom, hallway, or walk-in robe, our Mondrian-inspired sliding doors are a unique and stylish solution that sets your space apart.

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Sizing Options

All our Sliding Doors are Made to Measure

Height:  Up to 2700mm

Width:  1200mm per Door

Timber & Panel


Choose any available timbers:

  • refurbished or recycled timbers, such as floorboards
  • stained to match your specifications


  • choose from glass, laminates, wallpaper, mesh, mini orb, bamboos.  
  • we will work with most flat surfaces to provide you with the result you are looking for.



Install & Delivery

Install and delivery

Install:  We can install your doors in Darwin/Humpty Doo or work with your preferred installer, cabinet maker or builder.

DIY:  Save Money & Install Yourself.  

Interstate:   We will work with your preferred Installer to ensure their are no hiccups.

Delivery:  We deliver Australia Wide.  Most of the time we can deliver to your door step or site.  

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