Secret Mirror Sliding Door

There comes a time in life when we want to take charge of when we see our reflection. It’s helpful to have a full-length mirror when deciding which shoes really do match that dress. Or if you could get away without ironing those shorts and shirt.

But let’s face it, that accidental glimpse as you run from the shower to the closet can take your mood down a peg or two.

We know this stuff because we have lived with mirror doors that just won’t go away. And we have worked with literally hundreds, no wait, maybe thousands of people, who tell us what they don’t like about mirror doors.

So here’s an option, you could buy a large free standing dress mirror to trip over every time you walk by, or you could talk to us about our latest, clever idea.

The Solution  

We have come up with a secret mirror that is a hidden sliding door, on its own track, in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe panel doors slide back and your hidden, dress mirror panel, slides out from behind.

Check your look, make adjustments, one last look, and slide it back behind the wardrobe panel doors – like magic.

Come into our showroom to check it out and talk to Carl about pricing and installation.